Amen Sermon Illustrations

Amen Sermon Illustrations

I do not know what I was playing,
Or what I was dreaming then,
But I struck one chord of music
Like the sound of a great Amen.—A. A. Procter

`Amen' is a Hebrew word usually transliterated but sometimes translated. So it is a word found in all languages. Its meaning is-`So be it!' or 'So it is!' or 'Steadfast!' It is an expression of finality, though it sometimes comes at the beginning of a sentence. It occurs more in John's writings than in the writings of any of the other inspired writers.

Our Lord used 'Amen' 99 times. 9 is the number of finality. The Gematria of 'Amen' is 99. In the Old Testament Scriptures it is—the solemn response of Israel to the curses on the lawbreaker on Mount Ebal, the ready response of Israel to the worship of Jehovah at the return of the ark, the joyful response of the returned exiles at the reading of the Law, the fitting response of the Psalmist David to the praise of Jehovah, the cheerful response of Jeremiah to God's promise to overthrow the oppressor and deliver His people from captivity.

In the Gospel of St. John there are 25 double `Amens'—translated 'Verily, verily'. The first is in John 1. 51 and the last in John 21. 8. The `Amens' in John's writings may be classified as follows: the Amen of gracious affirmation (50 times in John's Gospel), the Amen of grateful adoration (Rev. 1. 6-7), the Amen of glorious annunciation (Rev. 3. 14), and the Amen of glad anticipation (Rev. 22. 20).

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