Amusements Sermon Illustrations

Amusements Sermon Illustrations

You ask, "Isn't it better to go to the theater than to the tavern?" It were as reasonable to ask, "Isn't it better to steal than to murder; or, isn't it better to steal bread than to steal money?" You might with greater profit ask, "Isn't it better to think pure thought than impure, or to behold virtue rather than vanity?" A forthright answer to this question will lead you to a clear and convincing answer to your prior query.—Selected

A church member answered his pastor's admonition by saying that he was not in the habit of attending the theater; he only went occasionally as a treat. The pastor answered, "Then the case is worse than I thought.... A consistent Christian does not seek God-dishonoring amusements for a treat."—The Biblical Illustrator

Grimaldi, the celebrated clown, went to a physician to obtain a cure for his depressed spirit. The physician did not know who the patient was, and thinking he only needed a little amusement said to him, "For medicine, go and hear Grimaldi." "But, doctor," was the answer, "I am Grimaldi."—Selected

A newspaper thus defined amusements: The Friends' picnic this year was not as well attended as it has been for some years. This can be laid to three causes, viz.: the change of place in holding it, deaths in families, and other amusements.

I wish that my room had a floor;
I don't so much care for a door;
But this crawling around
Without touching the ground
Is getting to be quite a bore.

I am a great friend to public amusements; for they keep people from vice.—Samuel Johnson.

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