Angels Sermon Illustrations

Angels Sermon Illustrations

When Theodosia Burr, the beautifi and gifted daughter of Aaron Burr, who afterward perished at sea, thought that the end of her life was at hand, she wrote to her husband, the governor of South Carolina: "If it is permitted, I will hover around you and guard you and intercede for you."

As a mere lad in the Confederate army, Henry M. Stanley was taken prisoner at the Battle of Shiloh and confined at Fort Douglas, Chicago. In his autobiograpl he relates how, as he was one day playing cards, he felt a slight blow in the back of his neck and in a moment was by the bedside of his aunt in the farm­house in Wales where he had lived for a year or more. His aunt lay dying and was asking his forgiveness for having turned him out into the world. He was about to take her hand when he "came to" and asked his fellows what had happened. They wondered what he meant, for the vision had been too rapid for calculation. In due time he received word telling him that on the corresponding day and hour his aunt had died and that she left such a message for him.

Stanley goes on to say that he believes the intelligence of the swift vision was brought to him by a guardian spirit and that every man has such a spirit, striving in every way to warn, help, and encourage its mortal charge. It is not strange that such an office—the guardian angel's ministry—should be assigned to our loved ones who have gone before us.

The Archangel

Dr. Augustus Ayers in his book, Angels, writes this about the Archangel:

"Yonder he stands at military attention before the throne of God in the Heavens of Heavens. From out eternity he has stood. At the dawning of the week, over 1,900 years ago, there came from the voice of God an imperial command, 'Go.'

"The archangel turned and swept from before the throne, over the parapets and the embattlements of heaven; and out amid the stars, planets, moon and the sun he moved down, down, down to a new-made grave on Olivet's slopes in Judea. He rolled away the stone and, robed in the dazzling light of the presence of God, he took his place upon the stone, by the empty tomb, and waited to announce to the first anxious comers that Christ had risen. When this glad tiding was announced he turned to his heavenly place.  There he stands today.

"One day, a day known only to the Father, there will come another command, 'Go,' and again that archangel will sweep out to the outer heavens, followed by the risen, living, now returning Son of God and all the spirits of just men made perfect. In yon outer heavens the trumpet of victory, the trumpet that ushers in our Year of Jubilee, will sound. The body of every saint of all the ages will be resurrected; and, as they come sweeping up, they will be joined by the changed, transformed bodies of all the saints yet alive on the earth and together all of God's redeemed of all ages will be fathered in that glorious resurrection morning at the sound of the archangel's trumpet of victory unto the Lord Jesus in the air."

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