Apostasy Sermon Illustrations

Apostasy Sermon Illustrations

Church of Christ, awake today!
Let the Spirit have His way;
"Come ye out"; "love not the world";
What though ridicule be hurled
In your face? Stand firm and true!
There's a mighty task to do.

Worldly members like to say;
"Do things in a modern way!
Put on programs! Hold the youth
As they question: 'What is truth?"'
Church of Christ, exalt the Lord!
Try all spirits by His Word. Alice Louise Cary

Couldn't Put the Fire Out!

A Denver magazine reports a disastrous fire in that city during which a large warehouse, containing thousands of tons of ice, was destroyed. The editor points out that the building actually contained thousands of gallons of a potent extinguisher—but it was frozen.! What a picture of the apostate condition of the churches today, while sin rages throughout the country.—Ohio Independent Baptist.

The Ex-Convict's Disappointment

Pity poor Benjamin Ullmo, who served a twenty-six year sentence on Devil's Island, far-famed French penal colony, and undoubtedly yearned in his prison for the opportunity to return to "civilization." One day he went back to France, and after a short stay, voluntarily went back to Devil's Island. He was disappointed with what he found, and it might interest you to know what this ex-convict thought about the modern world: He was struck most with "the extra­ordinary spiritual collapse of the world and the decline in conscience and intelligence." That's hard criticism coming from a convict. He was less impressed with material progress and the lowering of moral standards, but astounded at the "immeasurable stupidity of present-day humanity which regards itself as so superior." Is it possible that the man from Devil's Island is near the truth? The General Baptist Messenger.

When any turn from Zion's way,
(Alas, what numbers do!)
Me thinks I hear my Saviour say,
"Wilt thou forsake me too?"—Cowper

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