Appearing Sermon Illustrations

Appearing Sermon Illustrations

Loving His Appearing

Two small lads were left by their parents to look after the house for an hour or so while the parents attended a meeting. Being sweet-toothed, the boys soon found out where the sweets and confectionery were kept and began to help themselves, sparingly and cautiously at first, but with increasing boldness each successive time. Suddenly their parents appeared on the scene and caught them in the act of helping themselves.

Those lads loved their parents but they did not just then love their appearing. (2 Tim. 4. 8; 1 John 2. 28)

Christ's three

He once appeared, His brightest glory veiling,
In lowly guise, among the sons of men;
Their sins He bore, 'mid cruelty and railing,
And then He rose,
O'ercame His foes,
And to Heav'n's worship was received again.

He now appears in Heav'n to intercede,
With incense-laden censer in His hand;
And wearing priestly mitre He doth plead
Our cause on high,
Each tear, each sigh,
Of His loved church, His own in every land.

He will appear in God's appointed time
To consummate salvation's peerless plan,
E'en so, dear Lord,
Fulfill Thy word,
For Thy appearing we the skies would scan.
And reign in righteousness in every clime.—J. R. Rollo

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