Attitude Sermon Illustrations

Attitude Sermon Illustrations

"What’s the use?" and "Why should I?" are the two most fatal phrases in the English language. They mark the dividing line between success and failure for hundreds of thousands of human beings, according to Chauncey M. Depew, late political figure.

"What's the use?" is the philosophy of the chap who throws up the sponge when the battle has just started. He sits down along-side of the road when he finds the signpost has deceived him—instead of lengthening his stride. He is satisfied with "good enough." He has no goals, no visions. He accepts no challenge.

"Why should I?" is the cry of the work dodger. His aim is to do just enough to "get by." He is a clock-watcher who is afraid he will render more service than he is paid to perform. He is too lazy to think; too selfish to put his shoulder to the wheel in a common cause.

How much more vibrant and dynamic are the phrases, "It can be done!" and "You can count on me!" These phrases sparkle with the spirit of success.—Sunshine Magazine

The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by altering their attitudes of mind.—William James

Your attitude may determine your altitude.

Attitudes are taught. Attitudes are caught. Attitudes are better taught if caught, and better caught if taught.—Martin P. Simon, Your Child and You

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