Axe-Head Sermon Illustrations

Axe-Head Sermon Illustrations

The Hebrew word used in 2 Kings 6 for 'axe-head' is `Barzel' which means a piece of iron. Barzillai, the man who brought provisions to King David in his need at the time of his rejection, means `the man of iron', or 'the man of the axe-head'. There are five sections in the story of the lost axe-head in 2 Kings 6:1-7:

Vs. 1, 2-Enlargement—`The place . . . is too strait for us'.

V. 3 -Encouragement—`Go ye' and 'I will go'.

V. 4 -Employment—Felling and building.

V. 5 -Embarrassment—'Alas, master, for it was borrowed'.

V. 7 -Empowerment-'he put his hand in and took it'.

The late Mr. Harold St. John, well-known minister of the Word of God, referring to the skeptic’s objection to iron floating and swimming, described his arrival at Southampton Docks to embark for North Africa. Before him was a colossal mass of iron, the ship on which he had booked his passage, and he embarked on it. Soon the iron that had been floating in the docks began to swim and in due course he landed at the port for which he was bound. On his return, having to make the journey very speedily, he went to the airfield where he saw another tremendous mass of metal. When he went aboard, he found that the metal could fly.

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