Backsliding Sermon Illustrations

Backsliding Sermon Illustrations

The Log Jam

In the Timberlands springtime sees great quantities of logs shooting down the rivers. Sometimes a jam occurs. Then the lumberjack seeks the log which is stemming the wooden tide. When he finds that key log, he jerks it out of place, and the flow moves onward with its freight. There is such a thing as a spiritual log jam. We lose our religious enthusiasm, interest in personal devotions wanes, an hour in the Lord's house becomes a bore, the Bible becomes a silent Book. Then we must find the key log that is checking the flood of spiritual life. It may be an unforgiving spirit, or jealousy, or hypocrisy. Jerk the obstruction out of place and spiritual vitality will surge onward—Today

Time to Renew the Altar

Mr. Moody once told of an aged Christian, with many active years of faithful service to his credit. Circumstances caused him to lose out in Christian experience in a measure. After considerable mental and spiritual conflict he came to entertain the mistaken conclusion that it was the will of God for him to be lost. Then something whispered within him: "Suppose there is a hell for you, what would you, with your disposition and habits, do there?" The quick answer was, "I would set up a prayer meeting," and with the words came the light of God to show him the absurdity of it all. He put away backsliding out of his heart, and renewed the altar of the Lord.—Sunday School Times

Not Sudden

There is really no such thing as a sudden fall. Oh! the last step is only the last of a series of steps. I believe there are always many steps before a child of God reaches the verge of the precipice. I believe, further, that even when the edge of the precipice is reached, very few jump over. Most of them slide down, slowly at first, and it is so easy, so gentle, so effortless, so natural, so pleasant, that, alas! alas! they seem to enjoy the sensation. It is only when the pace begins to accelerate terribly, it is only when control is slipping away, that this pleasant enjoyment gives way to anxiety and alarm.—Selected


"The symptoms of spiritual decline," says Dr. Payson, "are like those which attend the decline of bodily health. It generally commences with the loss of appetite, and a disrelish for wholesome food, prayer, reading the Scriptures and devotional books. Whenever you perceive these symptoms be alarmed! Your spiritual health is in danger. Apply immediately to the Great Physician for a cure."—Gospel Herald

Who would go from health to pain,
Turn from grace to wickedness,
Freedom quit, to hug a chain,
Grieve his friend, his foe to please?
Who, his Savior God to shun,
Would to his destroyer turn?—Charles Wesley

Why should my foolish passions rove?
Where can such sweetness be
As I have tasted in thy love,
As I have found in thee?—Selected

The symptoms of spiritual decline are like those which attend the decay of bodily health. It generally begins with a loss of appetite ... for wholesome food, prayer, reading the Scriptures, and devotional books. Wherever you notice these symptoms, be alarmed, for your spiritual health is in danger; apply immediately to the great Physician for a cure.—Payson

Among the signs of backsliding are indifference to prayer and self-examination; trifling or unprofitable conversation; neglect of public worship; shunning the people of God; association with the world; thinking lightly of sin; neglect of the Bible; and often gross immorality.—C. Buck

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