Basketball Sermon Illustrations

Basketball Sermon Illustrations

The basketball season is well underway now. Our favorite basketball conference is the Lutheran League, in which St. Martini recently defeated Mt. Olive.

The basketball coach really believes in the proverb, "A place for everything and everything in its place,” especially the ball in the basket.—M. Dale Baughman

At the end of the basketball season in Harrison County, Benny Brewster, a substitute on the North Central High School team, wrote a composition for his English class on the subject of "Bench-warming." Benny wrote that as a substitute who sat out most of the games on the bench he found out: "One thing a bench-warmer can brag on is the fact that he can play center, forward and guard; that is, he can lean forward, sit in the center of the bench and guard the water bucket"

Does this sound familiar to anyone who's ever coached a basketball team, and lost a game? "Now tomorrow they'll ask us why we didn't press the whole game." It's a quote from a losing coach. Different words maybe, but the same music a thousand times during the season just past.

Mahomet went to the mountain, we gather from a story we heard the other day. At any rate, the Fire Department of a Southern Illinois town roared over to the local high school in response to an alarm over a special line from the school gym. Instead of crackling flames, firemen found a red-hot basketball game. Turned out the alarm switch was on a wall close to one of the baskets. A wild shot missed its mark and triggered the alarm.

The principal, shaking his head over the accuracy of his cagers, arranged for a glass door to protect the switch.—Elmer Wood

Any American boy, any Indiana boy, yes, coach, any boy in your school can be a star basketball player when he grows up, up, up!

A doctor who was a prominent alumnus was asked to give the boys a pep talk at a rally before the first game of the season. The doctor was most enthusiastic. Throughout the speech he interspersed the following statements: "Give 'em hell, boys! . . . When you get in that game, you want to give 'em H-E-L-L."

The next speaker was a mild-mannered minister. He arose and in a small voice said, "Boys, give them what the doctor ordered."—A.M.A. Journal

Harry Combes insists this is true. He asked a prospective basketball player: "If you come to Illinois do you think you could make the first five?"

"I'm not sure," the lad replied, "do you mean long or short shots?"—T. O. White, Champaign-Urbana News-Gazette

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