Christianity Sermon Illustrations

Christianity Sermon Illustrations

In one of the parks of Dublin there is a monument to a young Irish poet who fell fighting by the side of the British in the first World War. Under his bust are cut these words: "He died fighting, not for king or country, or flag or emperor, but for a dream born in a herdsman's hut."

On the chapel of Williams College is the following beautiful and significant inscription:
"Brethren, Alumni, Fellow Students, Fellow Citizens: We are here gathered to lay the cornerstone of an edifice that is to be sacred to the worship of Almighty God, to the teachings of Christian truth, and to the joyful meeting of man with man as sons of the common Father of us all. It is to be reared, and it is to stand, as a majestic and enduring symbol of the democratic, catholic faith of Williams College.

"In accepting this gift, we declare anew our belief that an education in which the religious nature is ignored cannot produce the noblest type of man. We thus reassert that the citizen whom the republic needs, and the leader whom the republic must have, is the man who fears and loves God and keeps his com­mandments.

"We here record in imperishable stone our unalterable conviction—that the highest education must always be carried on in the light and warmth of those great truths which make our holy religion immortal."

As Disraeli said so eloquently at Oxford concerning the French Revolution, so it might be said today concerning the vast upheaval that our eyes have witnessed and our ears have heard: "When the turbulence was over, when the waters had subsided, the sacred heights of Sinai and of Calvary were again revealed; and amidst the wreck of thrones, extinct nations, and abolished laws, mankind, tried by so many sorrows, purified by so much suffering, and wise with such unprecedented experience, bowed again before the divine truths that Omnipotence had entrusted to the custody and promulgation of a chosen people."

A shipwrecked traveler was washed up on a small island. He was terrified at thought of cannibals, and explored with the utmost stealth. Discovering a thin wisp of smoke above the scrub, he crawled toward it fearfully, in apprehension that it might be from the campfire of savages. But as he came close, a voice rang out sharply:

"Why in hell did you play that card?" The castaway, already on his knees, raised his hands in devout thanksgiving.

"Thank God!" he exclaimed brokenly. "They are Christians!"

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