Christmas Sermon Illustrations

Christmas Sermon Illustrations

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For Christ Has Come
If Christ had not been born,
Hearts burdened and forlorn
Must seek in vain
Peace to attain,
If Christ had not been born.

If to the Bethlehem home,
The Christ-child had not come,
Hearts now agleam
With love would seem
But drear, had not Christ come.

But now both hope and cheer,
God gives for every year;
To seeking hearts
His grace imparts
His love, for Christ has come.—Fred Scott Shephard.

What Stopped the Firing

A day was dawning on a battlefield in Northern France, through a fog so thick that no one could see more than a few yards from the trenches. In the night the Germans had drawn back their lines a little and the French had gone forward, but between the two positions a lonely farmhouse was still standing. As the sun rose, heavy guns began to boom. But suddenly on both sides the firing ceased and there fell a strange, dead silence. For there in the green meadow, crawling on its hands and knees was a little baby. It appeared perfectly happy and contented, and the baby's laugh was heard as it clutched a dandelion. Not a shot was fired.—Sunday School Times.

Midnight Songs

Out on the bare Judean hills,
Far from the scenes of mirth,
The shepherds heard a midnight song
That echoed 'round the earth.

And straightway, challenged by the sound,
They left their lonely place,
And took the road to Bethlehem
To seek the young Child's face.

They came, they saw, they understood,
And knew a strange release
As, stooping down, they knelt before
The little Prince of Peace.

And now the midnight of the world
Has settled, dark and still,
And frightened hearts are crouching low—
Like shepherds on a hill.

What mean the ancient carols now?
Their glad and sweet refrain
Is lost amidst the scream of shells,
As men forget again.

And yet, in countless waiting hearts,
The light of faith still burns.
Lord, send again a midnight song
To say the Prince returns! —Helen Frazee-Bower.

The King's Gifts

Bring Him thy precious things
And lay them at His feet;
The gold of love, the hope that springs
The unknown ways to meet.

Bring Him thy lovely things;
The joy that conquers care,
The faith that trusts and sings,
The frankincense of prayer.

Bring Him thy bitter things;
The myrrh of grief and fears,
The aching heart that stings
With pain of unshed tears.

These for thy gifts to Him;
And for His gifts to thee,
The comfort of His steadfast love,
His tender sympathy.Annie Johnson Flint.

The Little Prince's Command

The story is told that many years ago in Korea when the mission compound was just over the wall from the royal palace in Seoul, the small prince just before Christmas time climbed upon the wall, called to the lady doctor in the clinic below and asked if they would not give him a "Jesus birthday," meaning a Christmas celebration, as he was not allowed to attend the usual program in the Christian church. She promised to do so if he would supply a small tree. He ordered a tree delivered which the doctor and her nurses decorated with the usual bright baubles. At t-be specified time he again secretly climbed to the top of the wall, and stood while they told the Bible story, sang a few songs, and said a prayer. He asked and received the tree decorations, and the small red song book containing words without music. Later in the day, the missionaries heard a dreadful noise over the wall. Upon investigation they found that the small prince had his fat gentlemen-in-waiting lined up in a pavilion demanding that they sing. "The joyful noise is in that book, and you've got to get it out!" he commanded.Sunday School Times.

"If I Had Not Come"

Bobby had read in his Bible lesson with Daddy just before bedtime the words, "If I had not come." When he (thought he) awoke Christmas morning there was no stocking or holly wreath. He went for a walk and found factories busy at work; he went to the orphanage and found only a vacant lot. Then he went to his church and found a "For Sale" sign with "If I had not come" written at the bottom. Again he found these words over a gate post of an empty lot, where he went to find a hospital. Disconsolate, he ran home and picked up his Bible, but all the last part of the Book had blank pages. He awoke, and 10, It was a dream! Do you wonder he slipped down on his knees and said, "Oh, dear Jesus, I am so glad that You did come. Help me to tell others about You."—Missionary Monthly.

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