Coming of Christ Sermon Illustrations

Coming of Christ Sermon Illustrations

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When the flowers of earth are springing,
And the birds with gladness singing,
And the cloud-chased sunbeams touch me with a fervent glow and fleet,
Then there comes a sacred feeling
O'er my spirit strangely stealing,
As I think upon the rapture and the coming of His feet.

When the summer sun shines stronger,
And the days are warm and longer,
And a world of blended beauties on the smiling landscape meet,
Then my love-smit heart seems vying
With the zephyrs in their sighing
For the 'Altogether Lovely' and the coming of His feet.

When the year with harvest golden
In rich autumn's hand is holden,
And the leaves begin to wither and earth's glories to retreat;
When the dull days are returning,
Oft I feel a greedy yearning
For the rustling of His garments and the coming of His feet.

When the wintry winds are howling
And the heavens darkly scowling,
And the mariner is praying while the storms against him beat,
I can feel a deep emotion,
Like the wave that swells the ocean,
As I listen with impatience for the coming of His feet.

In the day of light and gladness,
In the night of gloom and sadness,
When my cup is running over or when favors I entreat;
At all times and in all places,
This sweet hope my spirit braces—
It is only till I see Him at the coming of His feet.

`He is coming! He is coming!'
Air and earth and sea are humming;
Restrained creation yearneth the King of peace to greet;
Victor crowned and glory bearing,
Everlasting honours wearing,
Yet for me, as ever, caring at the coming of His feet.—William Blane

(John 14. 3; Tit. 2. 13; Rev. 22. 16, 20)

The Glory of Christ's Coming

After the silence of ages,
After the waiting of years,
He cometh-the answer to sages,
The vision foretold by the seers.

Regal in splendour He cometh
Sceptre of iron to sway;
Glorious, the King in His triumph
On His inaugural day.

Comes for the help of His people,
Conqueror—Faithful and True,
Calls from the parted blue heaven,
'Behold, I make all things new.'

(Heb. 10. 37; Rev. 19. 11)

Hope of Christ's Coming

On many a tombstone, after the name and description of the deceased and under the details of age and date of passing, three short words express the hope of the believer who is buried there, during the days of life on earth. The words are 'Till He come'. Then 'the dead in Christ shall rise first'.

When the weary ones we love
Enter on their rest above,
When their words of love and cheer
Fall no longer on our ear,
Hush! be every murmur dumb,
It is only 'Till He come!'

(1 Cor. 15. 51-55; 1 Thess. 4. 15-18)

Imminent of Coming of Christ

Dr. Horatius Bonar, as he drew the curtains at night and retired to rest, used to repeat to himself the words, as if in prayer, and certainly with expectancy, 'Perhaps tonight, Lord!' In the morning, as he awoke and looked out on the dawn of a new day, he would say, looking up into the sky, 'Perhaps today, Lord!' He expected the Lord to return at any moment. (Tit. 2. 13; 1 John 2. 28; Rev. 22. 20)

Nearness of Christ's Coming

Many years ago there was a father who had to leave his home to go on a long journey. Just before he left, his little three-year old son asked him, `Daddy, when will you be coming back again?'

Now the father knew that he would not be back till the end of September. However, he realized that it was no use talking about dates and times and seasons to his boy, for he would not know the difference between them.

Sitting down beside him, the father said to the boy, `Now, listen; when you see the leaves on the trees turning red and brown and beginning to fall to the ground, then you can be sure that Daddy is coming back very soon.'

The next day the father left home. During the months of July and August the little boy would go for walks with his nurse. On these walks he used to talk about his absent daddy. Slowly the weeks went by until it came early September and then mid-September. Although the boy did not notice it, the leaves on the trees were changing colour.

Then one night there was a big wind storm and millions of leaves came down, filling the sidewalks and the gutters. The next morning when the little fellow went out, he immediately saw them. Letting go his nurse's hand, he went amongst the leaves and began to kick them sky-high. Then he began to shout, 'Hurrah! Hurrah! Daddy's coming soon.'

Likewise all over the world there is an expectation; the leaves are turning brown and they are beginning to fall. Jesus said, 'When ye see these things begin to come to pass'—be very gloomy? No, chins up—`Lift up your heads.' The great future of every child of God may be dawning, for the coming of the Lord is drawing near.—Harold Wildish

(Luke 21. 28, 31; James 5. 7, 8)

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