Conventions Sermon Illustrations

Conventions Sermon Illustrations

A dapper, middle-aged man sitting near me at the lunch counter observed my convention badge and asked, "Are you having a show?" Surprised by the question and not quite sure what he asked, I asked him to repeat his question. The second time he altered his question to "Are you attending a convention of some kind?" I answered, "Yes, I'm attending the American Association of Higher Education but it's no show, it's talks."

My chance acquaintance turned out to be the Director of the Midwest Beauty Show which attracted hundreds of beauty-care specialists to a multitude of demonstrations.

When he had gone it occurred to me that perhaps our educational conventions could have a little more "show" in them.—M. Dale Baughman

Convention is a girdle which society wears with indifference and frequent discomfort.—Douglas Meador, Matador Tribune

As a veteran of the Convention Circuit we applaud with such energy as we are able to muster the ingenuity and enterprise of the Paint Industries Show in Cleveland. In connection with their 23rd annual exhibit the committee established what was termed a Pooped-People Parlor.

Convention: Where people pass a lot of resolutions but few bars.—Hal Cochran, NEA

One superintendent declared that he was never going back to Atlantic City to a National meeting. "Why not?" asked a colleague, "It's a clean and friendly city."

"It sure is," came the sarcastic answer, "at my last convention there I was driving down main street, at high noon, and what do you think happened. I signaled for a left turn and some local citizen stole the olive right out of my martini."

Poem for Convention-goers:

"Oh, 'tis easy to be gay and pleasant
With a lass and a glass and a song
But the man worth while
Is the man who can smile
When he takes his old lady along."

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