Cram Sermon Illustrations

Cram Sermon Illustrations


Students of the University of Buffalo claim a record for inter­collegiate room-stuffing. They said 233 students were stacked from the floor to the ceiling of a 17-by-20 foot dormitory room after the furniture was removed and the windows boarded up. The students said this total eclipses an old record of 225 set recently at the University of Kentucky. "We could have gotten more in there, but it was pretty hot and one of the guys started to complain."

They, crowded almost to suffocation, were "far from the maddening crowd." Horace wrote: "I hate the uncultivated crowd and keep them at a distance."

Many in one room. Yet, "how little room do we take up in death." If Virgil were alive, would he say of the 233: "And the low-born crowd rage in their minds"?

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