Creativity Sermon Illustrations

Creativity Sermon Illustrations

The employment of analogy is creative and characteristic of the highly intelligent.

A more creative type of teaching could do much to remedy our nation's malady. As we all know from experience, too many of our teachers have been content merely to make us swallow the text book, and then cough it up.—Alex Osborn, The Creative Education Foundation

Creativity lifts the monotony of the classroom into the exhilarating atmosphere of discovery and search.

In effect the brain is a sponge. Through absorption and re¬tention we fill up the sponge; through judicial thinking and creative effort we "squeeze the sponge."—Richard Bugelski, University of Buffalo

You have to be an opportunist.

Consider Dorothy Mihlfred's problem, for example:

Outside her Magnolia School classroom windows, the track pullers were whanging and banging—creating more space for more traffic to make more common everyday noise.

Miss Mihlfred and her third graders considered the situation. Then they wrote a group poem and put it together like this:

Noise I heard the noise outside!
Machine noise, loud noise,
Truck noise, hammering noise!
Headache-making noise, picking noise!
Drilling, rattling, bumping noise,
Shaking, banging, pounding noise,
And noise that makes me
Think of the dentist.—Riverside City School Bulletin Board

The tragedy of life is not lack of brain power or education but doing so little with what we have.—Robert P. Crawford, The Techniques of Creative Thinking

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