Decision Sermon Illustrations

Decision Sermon Illustrations

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Did you hear about the parents who sent their young son to camp to learn to make decisions of his own?

He did. The second day there he decided to come home.

"Do you have trouble making decisions?" asked the psychiatrist.

"Yes and no," came the reply from the couch.

Decision making is a lonely business, and the greater the degree of responsibility, the more intense the loneliness.—Jack C. Staehle

Edwin Markham wrote: "I will leave man to make the fateful guess—will leave him torn between the 'no' and the `yes'."

The Valley of Decision

I stood at the crossroads amazed to see
The few on the Heaven-bound way:
While the broad road thronged with the motley crowd
Who lived only for today:
For the future, it seemed, they had never a thought,
Or what lay at the journey's end:
And I heard, as it were, Wisdom's warning voice,
'Be wise, lest to Hell you descend.'

(Deut. 30. 19; 1 Kings 18. 21; Prov. 9. 12)

Today thou livest yet,
Today turn thee to God;
For ere tomorrow comes
Thou mayst be with the dead.—Selected

Webb the celebrated walker, who was known for vigor both of body and mind, drank nothing but water. He was one day recommending his system to a friend who loved strong drink. The man appeared convinced, and told him that he would follow his advice, although he thought he could not change his course of life at once, but would leave off strong liquors by degrees. "By degrees !"exclaimed Webb; "if you should fall into the fire, would you caution your servants to pull you out only by degrees?"—Selected

Decision is a vastly important thing with a sinner. He must choose, or he must be lost. If he will not do it, he may expect the Divine Spirit to depart from him, and leave him to his own way.—Spencer

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