Depression Sermon Illustrations

Depression Sermon illustrations

Elijah was a man of like passions with us. The lark which had sung her song at the very gate of heaven sinks at last, wearied and voiceless, into the brown furrow. The height of the crest of one wave measures the depth of the trough of the next.

The devil was once informed by an angel that God was going to take away from him all but one of the temptations with which he tempted men.

"Which one is that?" asked Satan.

"Depression," said the angel.

At that Satan laughed and said, "Good! In this one gift I have secured all."

In time of discouragement it is well to remember others. A minister of the eighteenth century, Luke Cock, very much depressed by his own spiritual life, was told by the devil that there was never another minister in such a state of mind as he. After this, Cock went to visit his friend and colleague John Richardson, a noted minister. When he asked him how he was, Richardson replied, "As to the body very well; as to the pocket, very comfortable; but if thou mean as to best things, I was never worse." At that Cock threw up his hat and shouted, "The devil is a liar, and I was a fool to believe him," and rode home rejoicing.

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