Discipline Sermon Illustrations

Discipline Sermon Illustrations

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You can bruise the human ego; you can bend it, you can fracture it. But as long as there is life, it will try to reassert itself . . . Don't constrict children and their world. Let them disagree. Let them talk back once in a while. Let them show their animosity and get rid of the venom that is occasionally a part of the sweet sap of growing up.—Dr. Peter Steincrohn, Indianapolis Star

Little Lad (between sobs): "It's not fair! It's not fair!"

Passerby: 'What's not fair, little man?"

Little Lad: "Dad gave me a lickin'!"

Passerby: "Now you must not cry about it. All fathers sometimes must punish their children."

Lad. "But my dad plays the bass drum in the town band."

It is important that your pupils know what you stand for; it is equally important that they know what you won't stand for.

Jimmy found much to criticise in his small sister. He felt forced to remonstrate with his mother.

"Don't you want Jenny to be a good wife like you when she grows up?" he demanded. His mother nodded assent.

"Then you better get busy, ma. You make me give into her all the time 'cause I'm bigger 'en she is. You're smaller 'en pa, but when he comes in, you bring him his slippers, and hand him the paper." Jimmie yanked his go-cart from baby Jennie, and disregarded her wail of anger as he continued:

"Got to dis'pline her, or she'll make an awful wife!"

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