Doubtful Sermon Illustrations

Doubtful Sermon Illustrations

A boy was dressing to go out for the evening. He asked his mother, "Mother, is this shirt dirty?"

Without so much as looking, she replied: "Yes, it's dirty; put on a clean one."

When he had dressed, he entered his mother's room and asked how she knew the shirt was not clean when she had not even looked at it.

"If it had been clean," she replied, "you would have known it and not asked me. Remember, Son, if it's doubtful, it's dirty."—Selected

Doubtful Things

"He that doubteth is condemned if he eat" (Rom. 14:23, R.V. ) .

Sandy was a thrifty Scot who objected to needless laundry expense, so when he wore a dress shirt to a banquet, he put it away carefully for future use. On one occasion when dressing for such an event, he took a used shirt out of the drawer and examined it with care, hoping to be able to wear it that evening. Not being quite sure of its strict cleanliness, he took it to a window, where he was looking
it over under a better light than the room afforded. His wife, Jean, noticed him shaking his head as though fearful that it would not pass careful scrutiny.

"Remember, Sandy," she called to him, "if it's doubtful, it's dirty."

That settled it. The shirt went into the discard and another—a fresh one—took its place. Jean's words may well speak to every believer concerning things about which conscience raises any question whatsoever.

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