Evidence Sermon Illustrations

Evidence Sermon Illustrations

From a crowd of rah-rah college boys celebrating a crew victory, a policeman had managed to extract two prisoners.

"What is the charge against these young men?" asked the magistrate before whom they were arraigned.

"Disturbin' the peace, yer honor," said the policeman. "They were givin' their college yells in the street an' makin' trouble generally."

"What is your name?" the judge asked one of the prisoners.

"Ro-ro-robert Ro-ro-rollins," stuttered the youth.

"I asked for your name, sir, not the evidence."

Maud Muller, on a summer night,
Turned down the only parlor light.
The judge, beside her, whispered things
Of wedding bells and diamond rings.
He spoke his love in burning phrase,
And acted foolish forty ways.
When he had gone Maud gave a laugh
And then turned off the dictagraph.—Milwaukee Sentinel.

One day a hostess asked a well known Parisian judge: "Your Honor, which do you prefer, Burgundy or Bordeaux?"

"Madame, that is a case in which I have so much pleasure in taking the evidence that I always postpone judgment," was the wily jurist's reply.

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