Evolution Sermon Illustrations

Evolution Sermon Illustrations

I know nothing of the origin of man except what I am told in the Scriptures, that God created him. I do not know anything more than that, and I do not know anyone who does.—Sir J. W. Dawson

The entire monkey-ape theory is an entire fiction, set up as a scarecrow, which has been entirely set aside by modern archaeological research.—Dr. Osborn

(Gen. 1. 26, 27; 2. 7)

Darwin guessed that two hundred millions of years ago one or a few germs appeared on the planet and then, according to Darwin, they immediately went to work reproducing. Not quite according to kind, but with just enough variation to give us finally between two and three millions of species. Darwin thought we had two or three million. I am so conservative that I prefer the lowest estimate—a million species in the animal and vegetable world—but according to Darwin's guess, everything we now see came from one or a few germs of life. All the evolutionists believe this whether they call themselves Christian, theist or atheist. Our answer is that if it were true that all species came by slow development from one or a few germs, every square foot of the earth's surface would teem with evidences of change. If everything changed, we ought to find evidence of it somewhere, but because it is not true, they have not found a single thing, living or dead, in process of change. They have examined millions of specimens, from insects so small that you have to look at them with a microscope, up to mammals, but everything is perfect. They have not found one in process of change, and they have not been able to show that a single species ever came from another. Darwin said so while he lived and expressed surprise that, with two or three million species, they had not found a single one that they could trace to another; but he thought we should accept the hypothesis, even though the `missing links had not been found'—not the missing link, but the missing links (plural) had not been found. If we have a million different species, we must have at least a million connecting links, one to link each species to another, but a scientist, speaking in London not long ago, said that if evolution were true, it would not be one link between two species, but there would be a million links between two species, and yet, with a million times a million links that must have existed if evolution be true, they have not found a single link.—W. Jennings Bryan

(Gen. 1. 20-28).

Whatever may be the effect on the religious opinions of adults or of scientific men of an adherence to this evolu­tionary theory of human origin, it is unquestionable that it is disastrous to the ethical development or spiritual life of the young or uneducated to lead them to believe that men were 'descended from monkeys', or that 'the chimpanzee or gorilla are man's nearest relations', which is the form in which this theory takes expression in the minds of the general public.

The reckless popularization of the theory of organic evolution without regard to the strong arguments which can be urged against it, constitutes a serious danger.

Biblical teaching is not inconsistent with any definitely ascertained facts with regard to early mankind, when carefully interpreted.—Sir Ambrose Fleming, M.A., D.Sc., D.Eng., F.R.S. (President of the Victoria Institute and Philosophical Society of Great Britain: President of the Television Society; Fellow of University College, London, etc.).

(Gen. 1. 26, 27).

Beliefs of Evolution

Once I was a tadpole grubbing in the mire,
Till I became ambitious and started to aspire.
I rubbed my tail so vig'rously against the sunken log
It disappeared completely and I found myself a frog.
I struggled from my puddle and jumped upon dry land,
And the feeling that was in me was glorious and grand;
It made me kind o' frisky, so I hopped around a tree
Till I landed in the branches as happy as could be.
And there I spent some aeons evoluting without fail
Till I became a monkey and grew another tail;
But still I had ambitions, as aeons quickly sped,
So I climbed down from the branches and walked the earth instead.

Till my tail got tired with trailing on the hard earth every day,
And twice within my 'process' that appendage passed away.
Once again I evoluted, and, believe me if you can—
I woke one summer morning and found myself a man.

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