Exile Sermon Illustrations

Exile Sermon Illustrations

Madame de la Mothe Guyon, that notable prisoner for Christ's sake in theĀ  Chateau de Chillon, sang:

Nor exile I nor prison fear;
Love makes my courage great;
I find a Saviour everywhere,
His grace in every state.

Nor castle walls, nor dungeon deep,
Exclude His quickening beams;
There I can sit and sing and weep,
And dwell on heavenly themes.

There, sorrow for His sake is found
A joy beyond compare;
There no presumptuous thoughts abound,
Nor pride can enter there.

A Savior doubles all my joys
And sweetens all my pains;
His strength in my defense employs,
Consoles me and sustains.

(Eph. 6. 20; Rev. 1. 9).

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