Eyes Sermon Illustrations

Eyes Sermon Illustrations

In The Worlds Crisis, H. A. Mitchell writes: "The object on which we fix our eyes is that on which our heart is set; the things we like best, or the person we love most. How many times you have stood gazing at some picture because you so much admired it! All unconsciously when in company with someone, you were found looking intently at them, simply because of a great fondness you had for that person. History relates that Cyrus once asked Tigranes, among others, how much he would pay for the ransom of his lady, a beautiful woman whom he had just recently married. He replied, 'A thousand lives if I had them."

"When Cyrus had set her and many more at liberty, and was going home after a supper had been provided by him, many were joyful; one was extolling his wisdom, another his valor; someone else was praising his beauty of person and admiring the sweetness of temper, when Tigranes turned to his lady and said: "What did you think of Cyrus?' She replied: T do not know, I did not observe him.'

"'Upon what object, then, did you fix your eyes?' said Tigranes. His wife replied, 'Upon him who said the he would give a thousand lives to ransom my liberty.'

"The eyes of that woman were on the one who loved her so well that he would give a thousand lives to set her free if it were in his power. Jesus Christ has given His life to ransom us and set us at liberty. Do you believe it? Then our eyes will be fixed on Him. The world will not charm us, it is Jesus. He is the one most lovely of all. 'The eyes of all look unto thee' (Psalm  145:15)."

How wonderful, along with this hortatory urging us to remember these truths:

"The eyes of the Lord run to and fro through the whole earth"  (Zechariah 4:10).

"His eye seeth every precious thing" (Job 28:10).

"His eyes try the children of men" (Psalm 11:4).

"The eyes of the Lord are upon them who fear him" (Psalm 33:8).

"I will guide thee with mine eye" (Psalm 32:8).

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