Fear Sermon Illustrations

Fear Sermon Illustrations

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Nor Let It Be Afraid

"Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid" (John 14:27).

Though all the world be troubled,
And men's hearts faint with fear
At dangers in the distance
And dangers drawing near;
Though every help should fail them
On which their hopes are stayed,
Let not your heart be troubled,
Nor let it be afraid.

Though all the earth be troubled
And its foundations shake;
Though raging sea shall thunder
And mighty mountains quake;
Though lofty walls shall crumble
And in the dust be laid,
Let not your heart be troubled,
Nor let it be afraid.

Though all your way be troubled
And bounds and landmarks lost;
Though on the stormy billows
Your little bark is tossed;
Though all around be changing,
Here let your mind be stayed:
Let not your heart be troubled,
Nor let it be afraid.

Oh, blessed Word of Jesus!
And faithful from of old;
In which our fears may vanish,
To which our trust may hold;
You shall not be confounded,
You shall not be dismayed;
Let not your heart be troubled;
Nor let it be afraid.—Annie Johnson Flint.

Better Than a Bear

My oldest son taught me a lesson. When he was little, before his brother came, I had to be his brother and play a bit with him. There was nothing he liked better than to play bear. We would fix up some chairs in the corner, with an opening on one side, and then I would get down on all fours, and growl. And then the little fellow would come running, tripping along as though there was nothing near. And because the bear was rather heavy and clumsy, he had difficulty in running the little fellow down. I remember the last time we ever played bear. He ran right into a corner, and there he was with his face in the corner, so excited, and the bear was right on him. These things seem so real to little folks. He was screaming in his excitement—here was the bear, his hot breath, about to grab him and devour him. Suddenly the little fellow stopped his screaming, and, running into my arms, said, "I ain't afraid, not a bit afraid. You are not a bear at all. You are my own papa." I picked him up and we walked up and down while his little heart was beating like a trip hammer, and he was just sobbing in my arms. And I said, "This will never do. We shall never play this game again." But the little fellow kept saying, "Papa, I am not afraid anymore." I said, "Oh, God, that is just the way I was once. I was running away from You. I was treating You as though You were my enemy, as though the worst thing in the world would be to be brought into communion with You. I thank You for running me down."—Dr. H. A. Ironside.

Herbert Hoover- after visiting 14 nations

"Fear by nations of one another, fear by governments of their citizens, fear by citizens of their governments, and the vague fear of people everywhere that general war is upon them again. Fear of the promised massacre of civil populations from the air. Fear everywhere!"

Fear Not

Fear not! Whate'er betide you,
In all the coming days,
Your Lord will walk beside you,
In His appointed ways.

His hand will surely guide you,
When friends and helpers fail,
And His pavilion hide you,
When foes and fears assail.

Fear not! Turn backward never,
Whatever may oppose;
Look unto Jesus ever,
And in His love repose.

And when life's little story
At eventide is told,
Then, in the morn of glory,
You shall His face behold. —H. B. Hartzler.

Nothing to Fear

A missionary was teaching a Hindu woman the so-called Lord's Prayer. When he got to the end of the first clause, "Our Father which art in Heaven," she stopped him. "If God is our Father," she said, "that is enough. There is nothing now to fear." And to one whose life was haunted by the constant dread of countless evil spirits, that was a sweet message indeed. —Gospel Herald.

Holy Fearlessness

Chrysostom of Constantinople, threatened and finally exiled by the Empress Eudoxia, stated in a sermon at the time of his banishment: "What can I fear? Will it be death? But you know that Christ is my life. Will it be exile? But the earth and all its fullness is the Lord's. Will it be loss of wealth? But we brought nothing into the world and can carry nothing out. Thus all the terrors of the world are contemptible in my eyes, and I smile at all its good things. Poverty I do not fear. Riches I do not sigh for. Death I do not shrink from, and life I do not desire to save only for the process of souls. And so if they banish me, I shall be like Elijah! If they throw me in the mire, like Jeremiah. If they plunge me in the sea, like the Prophet Jonah! If into the pit, like Daniel! If they stone me, it is Stephen I shall resemble! John the forerunner, if they cut off my head! Paul, if they beat me with stripes! Isaiah, if they saw me asunder."—The Missionary Worker.

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