Feelings Sermon Illustrations

Feelings Sermon Illustrations

For feelings come and feelings go,
And feelings are deceiving.
My warrant is the Word of God:
Naught else is worth believing.

Though all my heart should feel condemned
For want of some sweet token,
There is One greater than my heart
Whose Word cannot be broken.

I'll trust in God's unchanging Word
Till soul and body sever:
For, though all things shall pass away,
His Word shall stand forever.—Martin Luther

Pet. 1. 23-25)

A man once came to a preacher and said to him: 'I was filled with joy in the meeting yesterday, and now it has all gone—all—and I do not know what to do. It is as dark as night.'

`I am so glad,' was the reply. He looked at the servant of Christ with astonishment and said: 'What do you mean?'

`Yesterday God gave you joy, and today He sees you are resting on your emotions instead of Christ, and He has taken them away in order to turn you to Christ. You have lost your joy, but you have Christ none the less. Did you ever pass through a railway tunnel?'

`Yes, often.'

`Did you, because it was dark, become melancholy and alarmed?'

`Of course not.'

`And did you, after a while, come out again into the light?'

`I am out now,' he exclaimed, interrupting the servant of Christ; 'it is all right-feelings or no feelings.'—Henry Durbanville

(Rom. 7. 24, 25; 8. 38, 39).

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