Fruitfulness Sermon Illustrations

Fruitfulness Sermon Illustrations

A 'fruitful bough whose branches run over the wall' grows from a strong, well-rooted, vigorous and healthy stock on the other side. The foremost disciples in spiritual life are the foremost in unselfish, persistent, untiring work for souls.—Dr. A. T. Pierson

(Gen. 49. 22; John 15. 5; Phil. 1. 11).

The Godavari Delta in South India is a 'surplus' rice area, and is known all over India as a district of great fruitfulness. In the first half of the nineteenth century it was an unfruitful area, like many other parts of the vast sub-continent of India, until Sir Arthur Cotton, the great Christian engineer, carried out his irrigation scheme, had the dam constructed at Dowlaishwaram on the bank of the Godavari River, and canals dug to carry the fresh water to all parts of the Delta. The river brings down the water which Heaven has sent from the skies; the canals bear the water to all parts of the district; and the whole district has become exceedingly fruitful.

And this is a parable of the fruitfulness of that part of India spiritually. The Heaven-sent Gospel was brought to the people living there in 1836, and from then on it has flowed through God-sent channels, till at the present time there are thousands whom God could use as channels of blessing to others.

(John 7. 38; 15. 4, 5)

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