Gardens Sermon Illustrations

Gardens Sermon Illustrations

Is there no other King's garden? Yes, my heart, thou art, or shouldst be, such. How do the flowers flourish? Do any choice fruits appear? Does the King walk within and rest in the bowers of my spirit? Come, Lord, and let the heavenly wind blow at Thy coming, that the spices of my garden may flow abroad. Nor must I forget the King's garden of the Church. Rebuild and nourish her plants, ripen her fruits.—C. H. Spurgeon

(Song of Songs 4. 12, 16).

In the Bible we read of many gardens. The early chapters of Genesis introduce us to the Garden of Eden and the last Chapter of Revelation presents a panoramic picture of the Paradise of God. Some of the gardens of Scripture are—i. the Garden of communion—Eden (Gen. 3); ii. the garden of agony—Gethsemane (John 18. 1); the garden of triumph in which was the empty tomb (John 19. 41); the garden of glory—Paradise (Rev. 2. 7)—and the garden of delight.

(Song of Songs 4. 10-16; 5. 1)

In a garden—on that night
When the Savior was betrayed,
With what world-redeeming might
In His agony He prayed:
Till He drank the vengeance up
And with mercy filled the cup.

In a garden—on the Cross
When the spear His heart had riven,
And for earth's primeval loss
Heaven's best ransom had been given,
Jesus rested from His woes,
Jesus from the dead arose.

Emblem of the Church above!
Where, as in their native clime,
Midst the garden of His love,
Rescued from the rage of time,
Saints, as trees of life, shall stand,
Planted by His own right hand.

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