Geography Sermon Illustrations

Geography Sermon Illustrations

Mary E. Coots, teacher of a 4-5 combination at Ben Lomond, passes this one along:

Question: Describe New Amsterdam

Answer: New Amsterdam is the largest dam in the U. S.—The Pointer, Covina School District, Covina, California

Teacher: "Johnny, where is Brazil?"
Johnny (stalling): "Where do you think it is?"
Teacher: "I don't think, I know."
Johnny: "I don't think I know, either."

Billy went to sleep in geography class. His teacher woke him up. "Billy," she cried, "I'm ashamed of you! Were you really sleeping?"

"Yes, ma'am," replied Billy, "but I was dreaming I was doing my geography."—PAL, Concordia Publishing House

The airman, after many hours of thick weather, had lost his bearings completely. Then it cleared and he was able to make a landing. Naturally, he was anxious to know in what part of the world he had arrived. He put the question to the group of rustics that had promptly assembled. The answer was explicit:

"You've come down in Deacon Peck's north medder lot."

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