Girdle Sermon Illustrations

Girdle Sermon Illustrations

Girdle of our High Priest

He, of old the Man of Sorrows, pleads before the Father's face,
Knowing all the needed solace, claiming all the needed grace;
We, so faithless and so weary, serving with impatient will—
He, unwearied in our service, gladly ministering still.

Girded with the golden girdle, shining as the mighty sun,
Still His pierced hands will finish all His work of love begun
On the night of His betrayal, in the glory of the throne,
Still with faithful patience washing all defilement from His own.

When the Father's house resoundeth with the music and the song;
When the bride in glorious raiment sees the One Who loved so long;
Then for new and blessed service—girt afresh will He appear,
Stand and serve before the angels those who waited for Him here.—T. P. in Hymns of Ter Stegen and others

(Exod. 28. 8, 39; John 13. 4, 5; Rev. 1. 13).

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