Gold Fish Sermon Illustrations

Gold Fish Sermon Illustrations

Students Swallow Fifty-Seven Gold Fish

Fordham University students revived a campus cultural activity of decades past. They swallowed fifty-seven goldfish. The four volunteers set up a table in the campus center and began the gulpathon to push lagging sales of tickets for a Saturday night Roaring Twenties party. Every time a ticket was purchased, one of the volunteers would swallow a one-inch goldfish. By day's end, Don Ross had swallowed twenty-four, Gary Oswald had downed fourteen, Ed Morris had consumed fourteen and Bob Bogucki had gulped five.

Bogucki said he would have swallowed more but had to get to a class.

I do not know if you call this fish-swallowing "the frivolous work of polished idleness" or "the inelustable problem of human folly" on the part of prankish youth. And you might recall Shakespeare's words about "foolery walking about the orb." But I say that these fish-swallowing students are more foolish when they accept erroneous teaching that reduces the supernatural to ignorance, that summons the Bible to appear at the bar of human reason and substitutes a "Thus saith the mind of man" for a "Thus saith the Lord God"—yea, teaching that holds the poisoned chalice of skepticism and atheism to the mental mouths of students, that minimizes sin, that mutilates the Bible, that deifies man and humanizes Christ.

Moreover, these students who fill their stomachs with gold fish are not as foolish as those who in stupidity fill their stomachs with wine or beer or strong drink which has in it the sting of the serpent, the bite of the adder, and the potion of death. More stupid and more to be condemned than the fish-eating Fordham four are the many who drink "inflaming wine, pernicious to mankind"—as wrote Alexander Pope.

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