Gospel Sermon Illustrations

Gospel Sermon Illustrations

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For Man's need

A Christian worker once visited a poor woman in order to bring her a sum of money which she badly needed. He knocked at her door, not once or twice only, but got no response, and he had to go away disappointed with the money still in his pocket. Meeting her a few days later, he told her of his fruitless visit. She replied, with tears in her eyes, that she had heard him knocking, but thought he was the rent collector, and she dare not open the door, for she had not the money to pay the rent.

C. H. Spurgeon used this as an illustration of the Gospel. He Who stands at the door and knocks has come with a gift; the knock is the Savior's knock, not that of a taskmaster. The Gospel is good news; news of a debt paid, not of rent required. It is not a demand but a free gift, which no one has deserved or could win by merit, but which is offered to all.

(Rom. 6. 23; 1 Cor. 15. 1, 3, 4)

Message of the Gospel

From the glory and the gladness, from His secret place;
From the rapture of His presence, from the radiance of His face—
Christ, the Son of God, hath sent me through the midnight lands;
Mine the mighty ordination of the pierced Hands.
Mine the message grand and glorious, strange unsealed surprise,
That the goal is God's Beloved, Christ in Paradise.
Hear me, weary men and women, sinners dead in sin;
I am come from heaven to tell you of the love within;
Not alone of God's great pathway leading up to heaven;
Not alone how you may enter stainless and forgiven—
Not alone of rest and gladness, tears and sighing fled—
Not alone of life eternal breathed into the dead—
But I tell you I have seen Him, God's beloved Son,
From His lips have learnt the mystery He and His are one.

(Acts 26. 16-18; 1 Cor. 9. 16, 17; 15. 1-3)

Power of the Gospel

When Paul says the Gospel is the power of God unto salvation he uses the word 'dunamis' which is related to the English word 'dynamite'. Dynamite blasts the rock in pieces. And that is just what the Gospel does in the spiritual realm. It blasts the rock-like resistance of the sin-hardened heart. The rough jailor in Philippi, the runaway slave Onesimus in Rome, and Saul the persecutor on the Damascus road, all had the hard core of their resistance broken by the Gospel. They knew its power and their trans­formed lives bore witness to it before all men.

(Rom. 1. 16)

Preaching of the Gospel

At this time, before we hear the shout of our descending Lord and rise to meet Him, shall we not come back with holiness of heart to the simplicity of our mission? Let us leave the civilizing of the world to the effect of the presence there of the Gospel of Christ, and let us give our time, our strength, our talents, our money, all that we are and have, to make Christ known to every creature in every land.—C. I. Scofield

(Rom. 1. 15; 15. 19, 20; 2 Cor. 10. 16)

Some years ago I was asked by a group of young Christians Gospel in the City of Glasgow to lead a discussion on the subject, 'Why preach the Gospel?' It immediately occurred to me that the letter of Paul the apostle to the Romans gave the authoritative answer to the question. We preach the Gospel: because of what man is, because of what God is, because of what the Gospel is, because of what Christ is, and because of what the Christian is.

(Rom. 1. 1-5; 18-32; 3. 23, 26; 1 Cor. 9. 16, 17)

An old Gospeller once advised his younger brethren to preach:

'A full Gospel—Christ and nothing less:
'A plain gospel—Christ and nothing more:
'A pure gospel—Christ and nothing, else.'
A preacher once said: 'I preached philosophy and men applauded. I preached Christ and men repented.'—A. P. Gibbs

(Gal. 1. 6-10)

Gospel for the Saint

Justified freely by grace from on high:
Portion of those who to God are made nigh:
We have the Spirit—that heavenly seal,
Foretaste of riches Christ will reveal.
Justified freely through faith, blood and grace,
Waiting in hope of seeing His face.

Sanctified wholly by God's sovereign will,
Through Him Who suffered that will to fulfill:
Of this the Spirit as witness is given,
Turning our hearts to Christ now in heaven.
Sanctified wholly, so let us each bear
Likeness to Him Whose glory we'll share.

Consecrate each to Thy service, we pray!
Help us to live for Thy glory each day,
Telling to others the tidings of love
Coming to us from heaven above.
Consecrate each, and the hands daily fill
Ever in service doing Thy will.

We're heirs of God, and joint-heirs with His Son–
Foretaste of heaven already begun.
Soon we'll be glorified, matchless display,
With Christ our Lord throughout endless day.
Justified, sanctified, serving the Lord,
Glorified soon—Oh, blessed reward!—W. Fraser Naismith

(Rom. 5. 1; 8. 1; 12. 1)

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