Guest Sermon Illustrations

Guest Sermon Illustrations

The Perfect Guest

She answered by return of post
The invitation of her host.
She caught the train she said she would,
And changed at junctions as she should.
She brought a light and smallish box
And keys belonging to the locks.
Food strange and rare she did not beg
But ate the homely scrambled egg.

When offered morning tea, she drank it;
She did not crave an extra blanket,
Nor extra pillows for her head;
Made no complaints about her bed.
She never came downstairs till ten;
She brought her own self-filling pen;
Nor once by look or word or blame
Exposed her host to open shame.
She left no little thing behind
Excepting loving looks and kind.—R. Hennicker Heaton

(Luke 10. 5-7; 38-42; 1 Cor. 10. 27)

"Look here, Dinah," said Binks, as he opened a questionable egg at breakfast, "is this the freshest egg you can find?"

"Naw, suh," replied Dinah. "We done got a haff dozen laid diss mornin', suh, but de bishop's comin' down hyar in August, suh, and we's savin' all de fresh aigs for him, suh."

"Here's a health to thee and thine
From the hearts of me and mine;
And when thee and thine
Come to see me and mine,
May me and mine make thee and thine
As welcome as thee and thine
Have ever made me and mine."

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