Guidance Sermon Illustrations

Guidance Sermon Illustrations

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"The Dove Man" There is a guide in the deserts of Arabia who is said never to lose his way. He carries in his breast a homing-pigeon with a very fine cord attached to one leg. When in any doubt as to which path to take the guide throws the bird in the air. The pigeon quickly strains at the cord to fly in the direction of home and so leads his master unerringly. They call that guide "The dove man." The Holy Spirit, the heavenly Dove, is willing and able to lead us if we will only allow him to do so.—."Unknown Christian," in This Is the Way.

Only the Ransomed Knew

A yacht was cruising among the isles of Scotland, when a gale caught the craft of a perilous lee shore. The skipper made for the harbor leagues away. Through the darkness the yacht went plunging on her course. At length she swung into smooth water, and they dropped anchor, and, turning into their berths, went peacefully to sleep. In the morning the owner came on deck and surveyed the scene,—a little haven girt about by dark purple mountains. Looking toward the entrance, he saw a narrow channel with sharp rocks jutting here and there, all awash with boiling surf. Turning to the old skipper, he exclaimed, "Did we pass those in the darkness?" This is a parable of life. We know something of the goodness and mercy which have followed us all our days, but we shall never realize fully the debt we owe to the unseen Guide until we are safely within the harbor.—British Weekly.

Lead Me On I cannot see, Lord, take my hand,
And guide me through the night;
When Thou art near, I do not fear,
For all Thy mercies oft appear
To point me to Thy glory land Of light.

I do not know what I shall be
Within the pearly gates;
I only know that I shall go
Where Living Waters ever flow,
And where eternal joy for me Awaits.—R. E. Neighbour, D.D.

He Knows the Way

A convert in Africa made this remark, "The trail is hard and tangled, but there is a Man ahead of us." Jesus Christ always goes before us. Ha is ever in front. He bids us follow. "All the way my Saviour leads."—Christian Endeavor.

A Perilous Plank "We were on shipboard," relates a captain's wife, "lying in a Southern harbor. We were obliged, first to make our way ashore. The waves were rolling heavily. I became frightened at the thought of attempting it, when one came to me, saying, 'Do not be afraid: I will take care of you.'

"He bore a peculiarly shaped dark lantern, only a single ray of light being emitted from a small circular opening. `Now,' said he, 'take my hand; hold fast, do not fear. Do not look about you, or on either side of you, only on that little spot lighted by my lantern, and place your footsteps firmly right there.'

"I heard the rushing of the waters, and was still conscious of fear; but by looking steadily only where the light fell, and planting my footsteps just there, not turning either to the right or the left, clasping firmly the strong hand, the danger was overcome, and the shore reached in safety.

"The next day my kind guide said, `Would you like to see the way by which you came last night? Then he showed me where our vessel had been lying, and the very narrow plank by which we had reached the shore. He knew that had I turned either to the right or left I should, in all probability, have lost my balance and gone over into those dark waters; but by holding fast and treading just where the light fell all danger would be averted."

The believer often comes to some dark passage, or encounters some severe trial, which so overshadows the way that he fears to go forward lest he fall. But when he clasps the hand of his Heavenly Father, he is led gently over the rough and dangerous places and landed safely in some secure spot. The storms may rage and angry waves threaten to engulf, but if we keep our eyes on Jesus we shall outride the storms, and have an abundant entrance into the heaven of eternal rest.—Words of Life.

Do We "Inquire" Thus?

An old Scotch woman who tramped about selling goods was in the habit of tossing a stick into the air when she came to a crossroad and taking whichever direction the stick pointed. One day she was seen tossing it several times. On being questioned, she said the road to the right looked so drear-like that she tossed the stick till it pointed to the left, that looking a nicer way. We go to God for guidance, but if His way seems dull we choose a brighter one, forgetting that He sees the end as well as the beginning.—Sunday School Chronicle.

The Walk of Faith

I cannot see the way I go;
I go not knowing why;
But this I know, each step is set
By Him who is Most High;
And so I gladly tread His path,
Nor fear whate'er betide,
Assured that when I win His smile,
I shall be satisfied. —Sue M. Voorhees.

In God's Good Time

The late Dr. Jowett said that he was once in a most pitiful perplexity, and consulted Dr. Berry of Wolverhampton. "What would you do if you were in my place?" he entreated. "I don't know, Jowett, I am not there, and you are not there yet. When have you to act?" "On Friday," Dr. Jowett replied. "Then," answered Berry, "you will find your way perfectly clear on Friday. The Lord will not fail you." And surely enough, on Friday all was plain. Give God time, and even when the knife flashes in the air the ram will be seen caught in the thicket. Give God time, and even when Pharaoh's host is on Israel's heels, a path through the waters will be suddenly open. Give God time, and when the bed of the brook is dry, Elijah shall hear the guiding voice.—F. W. Boreham, in Alliance Weekly.

"Oh Lead Thou Me"

Perhaps across the ocean wild
His loving hand again may lead,
It may be here some suffering child
My ministry may need.

Ah! Blessed Lord, still, still with Thee,
If far to go or home to stay,
My soul cries out, Oh lead Thou me
In Thine own wondrous way.—Lillian Washer.

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