Guidance Sermon Illustrations

Guidance Sermon Illustrations

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A Short Sermon

The guide was taking some tourists through Mammoth Cave. When they reached "The Cathedral," he mounted a rock called "The Pulpit," and said he would preach a sermon. It was short. All he said was, "Keep close to your guide." The tourists soon found it was a good sermon for if one did not keep close to the guide he would be lost in the midst of pits, precipices, and defiles. It is hard to find one's way through Mammoth Cave without a guide; it is harder to find one's way through the world without the lamp of God's Word. A good motto for Christians is, "Keep your eye on the Lamp."—Our Pentecostal Boys and Girls.

And God Made the Bees!

Here is a little bee that organizes a city, that builds ten thousand cells for honey, twelve thousands cells for larva, a holy of holies for the mother queen; a little bee that observes the increasing heat, and, when the wax may melt and the honey be lost, organizes the swarm into squads, puts sentinels at the entrances, glues the feet down, and then, with flying wings, creates a system of ventilation to cool the honey, that makes an electric fan look tawdry—a little honey bee that will include twenty square miles in the field over whose flowers it has oversight. But if a tiny brain in a bee performs such wonders, who are you, that you should question the guidance of God? Lift up your eyes and behold the hand that supports these stars, without pillars, the God who guides the planets without collision!—Beams of Light.

Vocational advisor to youth: "Your vocational aptitude test indicates that your best opportunities lie in a field where your father holds an influential position."

Each generation has its own outlook, its own problems, its own environment ... one expert who studied over a thousand autobiographies of college students writes, "The youth of today has faced more moral alternatives by the time he is 20 years of age than his grandparents faced in a lifetime.—Changing Times

Did you hear about the young college graduate who couldn't get a job because he had prepared in a field where there was a decreasing demand? He finally drifted into vocational guidance.—M. Dale Baughman

"It is reported that all presently known methods of counseling are to be abandoned in favor of a single technique. This approach will employ only a picture of a cow and the only unusual feature of the picture will be that the cow's tail will be more prominent than usual. The question the counselor will ask of any counselee will be, 'If we call the cow's tail a leg, how many legs does a cow have?' If the counselee says 'Five,' the counselor will know he is good at figures and has an exacting mind and can be directed into math. If the counselee says, 'It doesn't make any difference what you call the tail, it is still a tail and the cow still has only four legs,' the counselor can assume a mind that is after facts, proof, and direct the person into science. If the counselee says 'It could be four, it could be five, or it could be one of several other numbers since the cow has several other appendages,' then the counselor will recognize an artistic, creative mind and so direct the person into an allied field. However, if the counselee says, 'I don't know about this, I'd better think it over and let you know tomorrow,' you have a bonafide candidate for a school administrator and should so direct his study."

Guidance by Christ's Commands

Just to ask Him what to do all the day,
And to make you quick and true to obey;
Just to know the needed grace He bestoweth,
Every bar of time and place overfloweth;
Just to take the orders straight
From the Master's own command!
Blessed day! when thus we wait
Always at our Sovereign's hand.

(Ps. 32. 8; Prov. 8. 34)

Guidance for the Depressed

The poet, William Cowper, who wrote the comforting hymn, 'God moves in a mysterious way His wonders to perform,' that ends with the verse:

Ye fearful saints, fresh courage take:
The clouds ye so much dread
Are big with mercies, and will break
In blessings on your head,

was subject to fits of depression and temporary insanity. On one occasion he was on the way to throw himself into the River Ouse and thus commit suicide. He hired a postchaise, but the coachman, purposely losing his way, brought him back home. The cloud over his spirit had by this time lifted and Cowper wrote the hymn.

(Ps. 43. 3-5; Isa. 42. 16)

Guidance of Israel.

For o'er the ark there hovered high
The mystic guide and shield,
A cloud when day o'erspread the sky,
A flame when night concealed.
That pointed out their devious way
Or told their armies when to stay.

But oh! how changed from these glad times,
That wonder how reversed!
They wander still o'er different climes,
But joyless and accursed;
Their remnant scattered far and wide,
Without a God, without a Guide.—Henry Rogers

(Exod. 13. 21; Neh. 9. 12, 19; Ps. 32.8; Hos. 4, 5)

Guidance by the Pillar

God's leadings often crossed their inclination:
The pillar went too fast or went too slow;
It stayed too long to suit their restless temper
Or, when they wished to stay, it bade them go.
It kept them so uncertain of the future:
It wrote 'If God permit' on every plan;
It seemed to mock the wisdom of the wisest
And make a child of every full-grown man.

(Num. 10. 29-36; Neh. 9. 19)

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