Guide Sermon Illustrations

Guide Sermon Illustrations

The Unfailing Guide

Harold St. John, using one of his very apt illustrations, told of a group of ten American ladies who called themselves `the Society of the Queen's Daughters'. They decided to make a trip to the Holy Land, and crossed by ship to Palestine. Immediately they realized their need of a guide, so they obtained the services of a dragoman who knew the country well. Before undertaking to guide them around the country and explain to them the points of interest in the various localities visited, he laid down three conditions to which the ladies readily agreed, viz, to entrust all their luggage to him, always to let him go before them and never to go before him or act on their own initiative, and to have absolute and implicit confidence in him to make all necessary arrangements in advance for their travel and comfort. The ladies accepted the terms but failed to keep the conditions. With regard to the first condition, they were willing to leave the larger, bulkier and heavier trunks and suitcases in his charge but wanted to hold on to the smaller cases and `vanity bags', but on his insisting, they handed these over also. All went well until they had to change trains at an important junction, and the ladies, instead of waiting for their guide, seeing a train on the opposite platform, rushed across and installed themselves com­fortably in corner seats. The dragoman looked in and said, 'I'm sorry, ladies, but this train isn't going anywhere. Did you not agree to let me go before and guide you?' So they all had to dismount and follow the guide to another platform where their train was awaiting them. Later they had to ride on camels along the edge of a desert to the South of Damascus, and their guide informed them that they would have to spend a night in the desert. Then they began to worry as to what would happen. Would there be sleeping facilities? What about food? What protection would there be from marauders and wild beasts? But at nightfall they reached an oasis and found there that their guide had made every arrange­ment for their comfort. Tents were pitched, with cots and bedding ready for their use. There were basins and fresh water: there was a sumptuous meal ready for them, and the camp fire had been lit to keep wild beasts away.

So it is with the Christian and his Guide to Heaven, and 'they who trust Him wholly find Him wholly true.'

(John 10. 27; 21. 22; 1 Pet. 5. 7)

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