Halo Sermon Illustrations

Halo Sermon Illustrations

Dr. Curtis Lee Laws, Editor of the Watchman Examiner once went out shopping and visited several shoe shops looking for shoes. At last, weary and tired out, he came to the last shop in the place where shoes were obtainable. The assistant brought him all the shoes in stock that were anything like his size, but not one seemed to fit him. He was just about to make an impatient remark, when the assistant said, `I like your sermons, Dr. Laws.' How do you know me?' he asked. 'Oh,' said the assistant, 'I often come to hear you preach.'

`I'll take that pair of shoes,' said Dr. Laws, `they don't fit too badly.'

In narrating this in an address to Bible students, he added, 'You see, I couldn't lose my halo.'—`Be courteous.'

(1 Pet. 2. 9; 3. 8)

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