Helpless Sermon Illustrations

Helpless Sermon Illustrations

Helpless Gods

Dr. Roy L. Smith uses the Revised Standard Version of Isaiah 57:13, "Let your collection of idols deliver you," to make these wise statements:

"Military might, political power, emperors on gilded thrones, tribute, loot, booty, spoils—these were the great facts in the ancient world.

"The Hebrew governments had gone collaborationist. With a cynical disregard for the ancient faith, near-quislings had sold out to the conquerors, lived riotously, and installed pagan deities even inside the sacred precincts of the temple in Jerusalem.
"But the spirit of prophecy was not dead, and no nation is lost if that survives. At least one man of God continued to de­clare that 'our God is not through.'

"Tyrants and totalitarians have always had a way of making themselves to appear final and unbeatable. While they ride the crest of the wave they seem so completely victorious. But there has always been another day!

"With all Europe almost within his grasp, and with a hundred battlefields strewn with his enemies dead, Napoleon seemed to have conquered the world. But that was yesterday.

"For a time it appeared that Hitler would move his legions across North America, take the Suez, cut the jugular vein of the British Empire, and bring the Allies to their knees. But at Alamein he was strangled in a dust storm. And now all that was yesterday.

"Call the roll of the tyrants who have ridden roughshod over the rights of men in the image of God. Sargon, Pharaoh, Alex­ander, Genghis Khan, Caesar, Hannibal, Mussolini! Where are they now?   Entombed in yesterday!

"How helpless are our idols—political power, military might, economic resources, atomic bombs, juggernauts, invincibles!

"Just because communism is of the same essence its fate will be the same. Technological processes, scientific methods, economic determinism, impersonal materialism, the dictatorship of the proletariat. Such gods can never deliver the race. They have failed too many times and so pathetically! Our God is not through!

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