Homework Sermon Illustrations

Homework Sermon Illustrations

I am neither old nor stubby
I was tutored past McGuffey
And I cut my second dentals
On the good old fundamentals.
But, dear teacher, have a care
You are giving me gray hair
Please ease off this mighty domework
I must do on Johnny's homework
I tell you it must stop
Or I'm bound to blow my top.

The ten-year-old son of a friend has been duly impressed in school that he must study alone. He owns a sign hanging from a hook on his door which says: "Do Not Enter Without Knocking."

One evening, when his father had reprimanded him about something, he retired to his room after he had added the following to his sign: "Do Not Even Knock."—Emily Lotney

"That lump on the side of Willie's head," little Willie's sister informed the teacher, "that's where

Daddy helped him last night with his arithmetic lesson."—Newsletter, Oklahoma School Bds. Association

Two heads are better than one, they say,
I thought so too until the day,
Gropingly I tried to lick
My 12-year-old's arithmetic.—Jean Conder Soule, N. E. A. Journal

Harry: "Teacher, would you scold a boy for something he didn't do?"
Teacher: "Of course I wouldn't."
Harry: "That's good I didn't do my homework."—Fay Lemity, Junction City, Ohio

The teacher was examining the homework. "Tommy," she said. "This looks very much like your father's writing to me."

"Well!" replied Tommy after a pause, "Come to think of it I did use his fountain pen."

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