Israel Sermon Illustrations

Israel Sermon Illustrations

God Who in Israel's bondage and bewailing
Heard them and granted them their heart's desire,
Clave them the deep with power and with pre­vailing,
Gloomed in the cloud and glowed into the fire,
Fed them with manna, furnished with a fountain,
Followed with waves the rising of the rod,
Drew them and drove, till Moses on the mountain
Died of the kisses of the lips of God.—F. W. H. Myer—St. Paul

(Ps. 77. 20; 78. 13-25; 106. 9-23)

They and they only, amongst all mankind,
Received the transcript of the Eternal Mind,
Were trusted with His own engraven laws
And constituted guardian of His cause.—William Cowper

(Rom. 9. 4, 5)

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