Jacob Sermon Illustrations

Jacob Sermon Illustrations

Jacob lifted up his feet—Gen. 29. 1—(Marginal Reading)—After Bethel, the House of God.—Jacob the pilgrim.

Jacob lifted up his eyes—Gen. 33. 1—After Peniel, the Face of God.—Jacob the priest.

Listen! Listen! Jacob, the schemer!
You, who with your fiery glance,
Made and molded circumstance,
You, whose restless, roving brain,
Planned, contrived, and planned again.
Wrestling, grappling, striving then,
And manipulating men—
You were once a dreamer.

Poor homeless head, with stony pillows under,
Say, have you quite forgotten all the wonder?
Frail, earth-bound man, whose faculties divining
The heavenly ladder shining,
Looked upon God, and, looking, chose the good:
Have you forgotten His similitude?

`All these things are against me!' Yet those things,
Those very things, were God's machinery
For working out your heart's imaginings,
For turning hope to blessed certainty.
Oh, man who walked by sight,
You should have known the darkest hour of night
Is just before the earliest streak of grey.
Your wagons, all the time, were on their way!
Faith? Yes, but with a flaw,
Here was a man who trusted when he saw!
And yet,
The Holy One has set
His name beside two men of saintly will,
And calls Himself the `God of Jacob' still,

That you and I,
Lacking in Faith, maybe, or Gentleness,
May yet stretch out weak hands of hopefulness,
And find the God of Jacob very nigh.—Fay Inchfawn

(Ps. 46. 7, 11)

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