Jews Sermon Illustrations

Jews Sermon Illustrations

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Count Zinzendorf

It is told of Count Zinzendorf that one morning he met a Jew, Rabbi Abraham. The pious Count stretched out his hand and said, "Gray hairs are a crown of glory. I can see from your head and the expression of your eyes that you have much experience both of heart and life. In the Name of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, let us be friends."

The old man had never heard such words from a Christian before. He had usually been saluted by the words, "Be gone, Jew!" He was struck dumb with wonder. His lips trembled, his voice failed, tears ran down his wrinkled cheeks upon his flowing beard.

"Enough, father," said the Count, "we understand each other.' And from that moment on the two were friends. The count went to see him in his dirty home and ate black bread at his table. One morning before dawn, as the two walked out, old Abraham said, "My heart is longing for the dawn. I am sick, and yet I know not what is the matter with me. I am looking for something and yet I know not what I seek. 1 am like one who is chased, yet I see no enemy except the one within me, my old evil heart." And then Count Zinzendorf opened his lips and declared the Gospel of Christ. He painted a picture of love on the Cross, and how that love came down from Heaven. He painted in glowing colors how Christ met and died for corrupted humanity that men might become like God.

As the old man wept and wrung his hands, the two were ascending a hill where stood a lonely church. As the sun rose, and its rays fell on the golden cross on the church spire, the cross glittered brightly in the light of Heaven.

"See there, Abraham," said Zinzendorf, "a sign from Heaven for you! Believe on Him whose blood was shed by your fathers, that God's purpose of mercy might be fulfilled, that you might be free from all sin and find in Him all your salvation."

"So be it," said old Abraham, as a new light flashed on his soul.

O God, give us Zinzendorfs today—men who will love the Jews and love them into the Christian faith!—The Women's Missionary Magazine.

Proof of Faith

Frederick the Great once asked a clergyman for a proof of his faith and the forthcoming reply was well placed and well spoken, "The Jew, Your Majesty." The Jew is the great monument to the truth of God's Word.Gospel Herald.

Awakenings Among the Jews

Are the Jews really showing increased interest in the Gospel? Their acute suffering in the last few years has forced them to realize their own helplessness and the uncertainty of worldly possessions, and many are turning with more sympathy toward Jesus of Nazareth and the New Testament. George T. B. Davis, who is conducting a campaign to supply Testaments to Jews in America, Europe, and Palestine, writes of his work among Jews in Florida: "Mrs. Davis and I have been giving Palestine lectures in Florida. In one city the rabbi invited me to show the pictures of Palestine in the synagogue, and he was the first to re­quest a copy of the Prophecy New Testament. In Miami Beach, which teems with Jewish people during the winter season, we gave three lectures on Palestine. About 900 Jews attended the meet­ing and, to our amazement and delight, some 500 Jews—over fifty per cent of those present—requested copies of the once-despised New Testament. Reports from abroad indicate the same unprecedented interest in the Word of God and the Gospel. In Shanghai six Jewish refugees accepted Christ at one service. In the Argentine crowds of Jews listen to the Gospel, and not a few are openly confessing their faith in Jesus as their Saviour and Messiah." This is encouraging news. Like a ray of light in an angry sky at dawn, it may be one more herald of the rising of the Sun of Righteousness. At least, as Mr. Davis himself often says, we can "thank God and take courage."Sunday School Times.

A People Who Have Lost God

Wrote Rabbi Freehof, in American Hebrew: "Today, throughout the world, many noble thinkers, philosophers, psychologists, and scientists are groping their way through darkness toward some vision of the infinite Presence. Who shall perform this function of guiding the perplexed in modern Jewish life? Who shall rediscover our lost God?"

Centuries ago Jehovah said "I will go and return to My place, till they acknowledge their offence, and seek My face." Nineteen hundred years ago Jesus came to be the Light of the world. Israel rejected Him, and how shall they see God except in His face?Pentecostal Evangel.

The Jew and the Word

Mr. Reichart, a missionary to the Jews in Cairo, undertook to be the depository of the Bible Society. In his depot one day he had a visit from a small party of Arabian Jews. They had heard somehow of the shop in Cairo and they came for Hebrew Old Testaments. Mr. Reichart very gladly supplied them, but before he fastened down the box, with earnest prayer and without a word to man, he put in a Hebrew New Testament, hidden with the old. They went away, like Joseph's brethren, and then in a year or two there came the same or like men back again, and they brought a letter. This letter declared how highly they valued the beautiful copies of the Law, Prophets, and Psalms, and also how surprised they were to find another book in holy tongue, about which they had never known. The Person of whom it spoke had never crossed their knowledge before, and as they read of Him in the holy words of the book, enclosed with their Scriptures, with one mind they had come to the conclusion that He was Israel's Messiah.—New Century Leader.

Lord Rothschild's Unfinished House

Some years ago a writer said: "People who pass Lord Rothschild's mansion in Piccadilly often notice that the end of one of the cornices is unfinished. One is likely to ask, `Could not the richest man in the world afford to pay for that cornice? Or is the lack simply due to carelessness?' The explanation is very simple, yet suggestive. Lord Rothschild is an orthodox Jew, and every pious Jew's house, tradition says, must have some part unfinished to bear testimony to the world that its occupant is only, like Abraham, a pilgrim and stranger on the earth. The incomplete cornice on the mansion seems to say to all who hurry by in the streets, bent on amassing worldly wealth, or going with the crowd in the paths of folly: `This is not Lord Rothschild's home; he is traveling to eternity.'"—Christiana Herald (London).

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