Jews Sermon Illustrations

Jews Sermon Illustrations

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Disavowing the Jew

Pity the Jew hater! ...One who has heart disease must not use digitalis, the medical use of which was discovered by the Jew, Ludwig Traube. If he has a toothache he will not use cocaine, or he will be benefiting by the work of a Jew. Carl Koller. Typhoid must not be treated, or he will have to benefit by the discoveries of the Jews, Widal and Weil. If he has diabetes he must not use insulin, because its invention was made possible by the research work of the Jew, Minkowsky. If he has a headache he must shun pyramidon and antipyrin (Spiro and Filehne). Anti-Semites who have convulsions must put up with them, for it was a Jew, Oscar Liebreich, who thought of chloralhydrate. . . . Anti-Semitic doctors must jettison all discoveries and improvements by the Nobel prizemen, Pulitzer, Barany, and Otto Warburg; the dermatologists, Jadassohn, Bruno Block, Unna; the neurologists Mendel, Oppenheim, Kronecker, Benedikt; the lung specialist Fraenkel, the surgeon Israel; and the anatomist Henle; and others."Sunday School Times.

When Jews Are Persecuted

Pobjendonostow, a persecutor of the Jews in Russia, once asked a Jew what he thought would be the result of the persecutions if they continued. The answer was: "The result will be a feast." The Jew illustrated it from history. Pharaoh desired to destroy the Jews, but the result was the Passover. Haman desired to destroy the Jews, but the result was the Purim. Antiochus Epiphanes desired to destroy the Jews, but the result was the feast of the Dedication of the Temple. Shall the present trial of the Jews be a feast of reconciliation between Israel and their Eternal King Jesus, the Son of David, and the Son of God?Dansk Missionblad.

Israel may be blind, but Israel still believes. And he who believes shall some day see. Listen to "The Cry of the Jew":

"There is no Face in pity bent
When by the way I fall,
No anxious, loving Shepherd comes
In answer to my call;
There are no tender eyes to seek,
No gentle arms to hold,
No nail-pierced hands to take me up
And bring me to the fold.

"And when on naked, bleeding feet
To Calvary I go,
And stagger, crush'd, beneath the cross,
There's none to heed or know;
There's none to lift the cruel weight,
There's none to even share—
O Thou who climbed the Hill before,
Look down and help me bear!"
"A JEW."

A Changed Attitude

"What a wonderful change has come in the attitude of the Jew toward the Lord Jesus! One can hardly believe it when one remembers their former contempt and hatred," says Joseph Lewek in the Alliance Weekly. `And this has taken place within a very few years, gradually and almost imperceptibly. Now, instead of as formerly, when a Jew heard the name of Jesus he would spit and pronounce the curse, `May His name and memory be blotted out,' he may be heard to speak of our Lord Jesus very respectfully. Jesus is admired of them; he is called by many of them `the greatest teacher,' `the greatest prophet' Israel ever had. Rabbis use His words as texts for their sermons, and the New Testament, formerly a forbidden book, is eagerly read by them. It is even used as a textbook in some of their seminaries and teachers' institutes."—Gospel Herald.

Nothing Jewish Wanted

"Nothing Jewish in my house!" These were the words of a wealthy gentleman who was entertaining a well-known clergyman. Said he, "I have such a hatred for the Jew that I will have nothing Jewish in my house."

The clergyman guest quietly arose and took a beautifully bound Bible from the table and a New Testament from the bookcase and placed them before the fireplace. He then proceeded to take down some paintings from the wall. He removed one picture of Paul preaching at Athens and another of the crucifixion.

The gentleman was greatly surprised and asked, "What are you doing? Why such liberties in my house?"

To this the clergyman replied, "You just said that you would not have anything Jewish in your house. I was beginning to help you to take away the many Jewish things you happen to have in this room. Shall I throw them into the fire?"

"Stop! Stop!" cried the gentleman. "May God forgive me. I have never thought of it in that light. Little did I know how greatly indebted I was to things Jewish."Jewish Missionary Intelligeneer.

A Modern Jew's Prayer

Recently in one of the orthodox synagogues of Brooklyn during certain days of repentance and prayer, Jews were seen lying on their faces before God, crying to Him for protection upon their persecuted brethren, especially in Russia. One elderly Jew lifted up his hands toward heaven and in an agony of soul, cried out: "Oh that Thou wouldst rend the heavens and come down.... Lord," he said, "send Messiah, and should Jesus of the Gentiles be the one, grant us a sign that we may be sure that it is really so, and forgive our guilt toward Him."The Watchman Examiner (Baptist).

Stick Out Your Tongue, Please

Leon Tucker tells of traveling on a train in the West and of speaking to a Jewish man about the homeland. The Jew went on to say that he was perfectly satisfied here in the United States. His home was here, his business was here, his family had been born here. He was not interested in Jerusalem. Tucker said to him: "Stretch out your right hand, will you, please?" The Jew stuck out his right hand and Tucker looked at it and then said: "Stick out your tongue, please."

The Jew said, "Are you trying to make a fool out of me?"

Tucker said: "No, but I would like to see your tongue." The Jew stuck out his tongue. Tucker looked at it, and quoted from Psalm 137:5, 6: "If I forget thee, 0 Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy."

That Jew bowed his head and, with tears on his cheek, said: "My God, I was never so rebuked in my life."The Prophetic News and Israel's Watchman

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