Job Sermon Illustrations

Job Sermon Illustrations

Everybody ought to read at least one great book before he dies and enters in the presence of the Truth himself. The are many great books, but the consensus of human opinion seems to be that the book of Job is the greatest of all. When you take up Job, you have no need of Shakespeare, Milton, Plato, Homer. In Carlyle's beautiful tribute in "Here in this book sublime sorrow, sublime reconciliatio oldest choral melody, as of the heart mankind, so soft and great as the summer midnight, as the world with its seas and stars."

I call this book, apart from all theories about it, one of the grandest things ever written with pen. One feels, indeed, as if it were not Hebrew; such a noble universality, different from noble patriotism or sectarianism, reigns in it. A noble book, all men's book.—There is nothing written in the Bible, I think, of equal literary merit.—Thomas Carlyle

The greatest poem of ancient and modern times.—Alfred, Lord Tennyson

It is magnificent and sublime as no other book in the Bible.—Martin Luther

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