Justice Sermon Illustrations

Justice Sermon Illustrations

However the battle is ended,
Though proudly the victor comes;
With fluttering flags, and prancing nags,
And echoing roll of drums.
Still history proclaims the motto,
In letters of shining light: "No question is ever settled
Until it is settled right." Though the heel of the strong oppressor
May grind the weak to the dust;
And the voice of fame with loud acclaim
May call him great and just.
Let those who applaud take warning,
And keep this motto in sight:
"No question is ever settled
Until it is settled right."—Selected

Pandit Kharak Singh, an old man, and a Sanskrit scholar, was asked while preaching in the bazaar in a town in India, how he could reconcile the death of Christ Jesus for men—the death of the guiltless for the guilty—with the justice of God.

He replied, 'Our ideas of the justice of God, or of justice at all, are very crude and imperfect. For example: a man steals 20 rupees and spends it. He is caught and punished as a thief. But the stolen money is not restored to the man from whom it was stolen—justice is not done to him; and the thief suffers for his crime. This is man's justice—loss and pain.

Or suppose a man was to kill three children. He should be hanged three times that strict justice may be done. The children are not restored to life—justice is not done to them. Neither are they restored to their parents or to the community. The man who killed them is put to death, and thus man's justice again is resolved into loss and pain!

`But God's justice is different. It results in gain and joy! Lost souls are found, losses are made good, happiness takes the place of misery, and all because the Son of God gave Himself a willing sacrifice to save men and restore them to God'

(Isa. 45. 21; Rom. 3. 24-26)

Peter the Great of Russia condemned his own son Alexei to death for intrigues and high treason against the Tsar, and the sentence was duly carried out. Peter suffered intensely in the interests of justice. This family tragedy was the greatest grief in his life. The sentence of death has been passed on sinful man, but a sinless substitute has taken the penalty and exhausted the sentence for all who will accept and believe in Him.

Justice God will not twice demand,
First at my bleeding Surety's hand,
And then again at mine.

(Rom. 3. 26; 1 Pet. 3. 18)

The Sun of Justice may withdraw his beams
Awhile from earthly ken and sit concealed
In dark recess, pavilioned round with clouds:
Yet let not guilt presumptuous rear her crest,
Nor, virtue droop despondent: soon these clouds,
Seeming eclipse, will brighten into day,
And in majestic splendor He will rise,
With healing and with terror on His wings.—Geo. Baily

God is just. This ... all acknowledge. But many sinners have had their departure into another world without punishment, while many righteous men have had their departure after suffering ten thousand grievous things. If then God be just, where will He reward their good to the one class, and their punishment to the other, if there be no perdition and no resurrection?—Chrysostom

There are two sides to every question-the wrong side and our side.

"What, Tommy, in the jam again, and you whipped for it only an hour ago!"

"Yes'm, but I heard you tell Auntie that you thought you whipped me too hard, so I thought I'd just even up."

One man's word is no man's word,
Justice is that both be heard.

He who decides a case without hearing the other side, though he decide justly cannot be considered just.—Seneca.

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