Juvenile Delinquency Sermon Illustrations

Juvenile Delinquency Sermon Illustrations

Juvenile Delinquency is proving that some parents just are not getting at the seat of the problem.—Kenneth J. Shively

In science, thinking begins with a problem. In juvenile delin¬quency a problem begins with a thought.—M. Dale Baughman

When adults act like children, they're silly; when children act like adults, they are delinquent.—Elkhorn Independent

Prescription for curing incipient juvenile delinquents: affec-tion, good food, fresh air and plenty to do.—Dr. Randel Elliott, American Mercury

We read in the paper and hear on the air,
Of killing and stealing and crime everywhere.
We sigh and we say, as we notice the trend,
"This young generation, where will it end?"
But can we be sure that it's their fault alone,
That maybe a part of it isn't our own?
Are we less guilty, who place in their way,
Too many things that lead them astray?
Too much money to spend, too much idle time;
Too many movies of passion and crime;
Too many books not fit to read;
Too much evil in what they say.
Too many children encouraged to roam;
Too many parents who won't stay home.
Kids don't make the movies, they don't write the books,
That paint gay pictures of gangsters and crooks;
They don't make the liquor, they don't run the bars,
They don't make the laws and they don't buy the cars.
They don't peddle drugs that addle the brain,
That's all done by older folks, greedy for gain
Delinquent teen-agers, Oh! how we condemn,
The sins of the nation and blame it on them.
By the laws of the blameless, the Saviour made known,
Who is there among us to cast the first stone?
For in so many cases, it's sad; but it's true,
The title "DELINQUENT" fits older folks too.—James Scales, Laugh Book

Another way to reduce juvenile delinquency would be to quit coddling hard-boiled eggs.—Grit

A juvenile delinquent is a teenager who wants what he wants when he wants it and won't wait to get it.—Constance F. Murphy, Massachusetts Teacher

Juvenile delinquency sets in when a youngster stops asking adults where he came from and starts telling them where to go.—Basic Blast

The whole reason for juvenile delinquency is mental unemployment.—Jackie Gleason

Primitive country: One that has no taxes to handle juvenile delinquency, in case it gets civilized enough to achieve it.—In a Nutshell

The University of Hartford inaugurated a new night school course—Juvenile Delinquency. It's for adults only.—Daily News Wire Services

Juvenile Delinquent: A teenager with a false sense of ma turity.—A. Bowman Weaver, Sales Management

A woman left her baby in its carriage at the door of a department-store. A policeman found it there, apparently abandoned, and wheeled it to the station. As he passed down the street a gamin yelled: "What's the kid done?"

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