Kindergarten Sermon illustrations

Kindergarten Sermon illustrations

For several days the 84 boys and girls "graduating" from a kindergarten class were drilled to say "thank you, Mr. Nevins," when Superintendent Vincent Nevins presented them with diplomas.

But Nevins was unable to attend the ceremony Wednesday, and Miss Lillian L. Hannan, the principal, substituted for him.

The first 83 children in line said "Thank you, Mr. Nevins," when Miss Hannan presented the diplomas.

The 84th said, "Thank you, Mrs. Nevins."

Peering over Johnny's shoulder, the kindergarten teacher asked, 'What are you drawing?"

"I'm drawing a picture of God," answered Johnny.

"But," the teacher explained, "nobody knows what God looks like."

"They will when I get through," proudly announced Johnny.

Freckle-faced Tommy brought his little red fire engine to "Show and Tell" session in kindergarten for what seemed to one little miss, the umpteenth time. When he presented it, she was heard to complain, "Oh, no, not again!"

Observing one of my little girls coming from the boys' lavatory, I explained to her, "Honey, don't you know that's private—just for the boys!" The surprised little red-head answered, "Why, Miss Pat! I know that! I just went in to borrow their soap."—Miss Pat, Kindergarten Teacher, Bay City, Michigan

Jeff, enamored of his blonde kindergarten classmate, told his mother the romance was making progress.

"Sally spoke to me," he said.
"What did she say?" inquired Mom.
"I hit her and she said, 'Stop that.'"—Omaha World-Herald

Little Jimmy seemed to like kindergarten but showed no signs of being an outstanding student. One day, however, he came home with a big gold star. Asked why he was rewarded, he said, 'Well, it's like this—every day we have to rest, and I rested the best."—Florida School Bulletin

Mother (to five-year-old child who has had a substitute teacher in kindergarten): "How did you like your new teacher?"

Child: "Oh, she's smarter than Miss Jones. When we sang, she played the piano with one finger; and Miss Jones has to use two hands when she plays."

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