Kingdom of God Sermon Illustrations

Kingdom of God Sermon Illustrations

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Christ's Kingdom

The kingdoms of the earth go by
In purple and in gold;
They rise, they flourish and they die,
And all their tale is told.

One kingdom only is Divine,
One banner triumphs still:
Its king a servant, and its throne
A Cross upon a hill.

(Isa. 32. 1; Dan. 2. 37-39; John 19. 2, 3; Rev. 19. 16)

Peter McKenzie, the famous Methodist preacher, was being shown over Madame Tussaud's Waxworks in London. Coming to one object, his guide said, 'This is the chair in which Voltaire sat and wrote his atheistic blasphemies.'

`Is that the chair?' asked Peter; and then, without seeking permission, he stepped over the cord, sat down on the chair, and sang as only a real believer could:

Jesus shall reign where'er the sun
Doth His successive journeys run;
His kingdom stretch from shore to shore
Till moons shall wax and wane no more.

Which would you rather have—McKenzie's faith or Voltaire's atheism?—Selected

(Ps. 72. 8; 1 Cor. 15. 25)

In Damascus a temple was built centuries ago. When Christianity spread, this was used as a place for Christian worship and an inscription put on the arch: 'Thy kingdom O Christ, is an everlasting kingdom, and Thy dominion endureth throughout all generations.'

Mohammedans took possession and made it a mosque. The inscription remained. The mosque has been burnt several times, but the inscription still remains. 'He must reign.'

(Luke 1. 33; Rev. 22. 5)

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