Kneeling Sermon Illustrations

Kneeling Sermon Illustrations

In the centre of the great Cathedral of Copenhagen is Thorwaldsen's figure of 'Christ'. Dr. Stanley Jones of India once entered the Cathedral, and describes his experience in the following words: 'As I walked along, a Danish friend drew nearer to me and whispered, "You will not be able to see His face unless you kneel at His feet".' In Mark's Gospel there are three mentions of Kneeling at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ:

  1. Mark 1. 40—A Leper, asking for Cleansing from his disease.

  2. Mark 10. 17—A rich young ruler, asking how to inherit eternal life.

  3. Mark 15. 19—The Roman soldiers, kneeling in mockery before the Lord Jesus.

(1 Kings 8. 54; Dan. 6. 10; Acts 21. 5)

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