Laymen Sermon Illustrations

Laymen Sermon Illustrations

"Leave it to the minister
And soon the church will die;
Leave it to the women-folk,
And the young will pass it by;
For the church is all that lifts us,
From the coarse and sullen mob;
And the church that is to prosper,
Needs laymen on the job.

Now a layman has his business,
And a layman has his joys;
But he also has the training
Of his little girls and boys;
And I wonder how he'd like it,
If there were no churches here,—
And he had to raise his children,
In a godless atmosphere.

It's the church's special function,
To uphold the finer things;
To teach that way of living,
From which all that's noble springs;
But the minister can't do it
Single-handed and alone,
It's the laymen of our country
Who are the church's cornerstone.

When you see a church that's empty,
Though its doors are open wide;
It's not the church that's dying,
It's the laymen who have died;
For it's not by song or sermon,
That the church's work is done;
It's the laymen of our country,
Who for God must carry on."—Edgar A, Guest

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