Leaves Sermon Illustrations

Leaves Sermon Illustrations

Nothing But Leaves

The Master came to the fig tree
And saw the foliage there
Of thick and shady branches,
To hungry eyes so fair.
But He found that it was barren
And bore no luscious fruit,
For life was gone, and very soon
'Twas withered to the root.

The Master came to the Temple
And saw the worship there,
The riches and the customs,
To Jewish eyes so fair;
But to Him 'twas all corruption,
His house a den of thieves,
And all its boasted glory
Was fruitless, only leaves,
The Master comes to our fireside
And sees the family there:
And one goes off to the pictures,
Another to Vanity Fair.
For, instead of family worship
And intercessory prayer
The saints are torn to pieces,
Their failings all laid bare.

The Master to the assembly
Has come! what sees He here?—
The busy round of service
And meetings held so dear.
But He sees the strife and divisions,
And His Holy Spirit grieves
To find that many efforts
Are fruitless, mostly leaves.

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